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Center Parcs, Longleat

Client:  Centre Parcs UK
Main Contractor:  SDC Builders
Engineer:  Peter Brett Associates
Architect:  Ridge Architects
Steel Tonnage:  122 tonnes

Set deep in the forest that surrounds the Center Parcs complex at Longleat, TSI were tasked with supplying 122 tonnes of structural steel to enable the old roof system over the main swimming pool to be updated from glass panels to new ETFE pillows and metal decked sarna roof.


The work was phased over 28 months to ensure the main pool could remain open during the replacement of the roof. Each roof section was fitted with a temporary working platform; this was weather sealed and a temporary drainage system installed, this was to ensure the 30 degree tropical environment inside of the dome could be maintained at all times.

Temporary decking was installed by a specialist team of climbers hanging from the underside of the massive curved timber rafters that make up the impressive 100m span.

The existing timber structure was modelled by the Engineer (Perter Brett Associates) using Revit, and was based on the original drawings form the 1990’s. TSI Structures were able to utilise Advance Steels bi-directional links to Revit to import the existing timbers without the danger of loss of data.


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